Senior Assistance Services


We will:

Seniors face many challenges impacting their independence and quality of life. They are susceptible to many of the predatory practices used today and often become vulnerable prey.

The scope of our services is tailored to meet that need and prevent such actions from destroying a seniorís life. While navigating the myriad of services available to the elderly can be overwhelming for family members wanting to make good choices for their loved ones, personal assistants from Encore are able to help identify needs and provide the solutions.

Services are provided in the comfort of the home at a time convenient for the client and/or family members. Work provided is based on fiduciary standards and with complete transparency. All our service providers are held to a high standard of integrity and undergo a stringent background check.

In addition to the direct personal assistants provided by Encore we have an extensive list of trusted, vetted referral contacts including attorneys, Accountants, Cleaning services, In-home heath care or Licensed nursing assistance and Moving or downsizing a seniorsí current living situation. Please call for more information.